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Avoid Common Mistakes 


of time is spent on

data processing

2 out of 3

AI and analytics projects 

fail due to data quality


of decision makers have no confidence

in the quality of their data

Automate your processes with Asante AI

Asante AI is your navigator to a smart & efficient future. Say goodbye to manual processes and welcome a seamless world of automation and efficiency - Asante goes beyond the ordinary, revolutionizing how you predict, improve, and automate your workflows. 

Build your connectivity center from 250+ integrations 

Or integrate it, by simply uploading the API onto your dashboard via a .JSON file and begin automating instantly. 

Automate step-by-step with Asante: The Power of  X 

An 'X' is where automation begins.

X's serve as the starting point for your automated workflows. These instances represent specific events or data points within your business processes. They can be anything from a new customer inquiry, a data update, or a change in inventory levels.

Asante AI leverages advanced predictive analytics models and RPA to process your X's intelligently in seconds. Our algorithms analyze the data associated with each X, uncovering patterns, trends, and potential outcomes and processes risks associated with each. Based on the analysis, intelligent agents provides invaluable insights and predictions that guide your decision-making. Whether it's forecasting demand, identifying emerging opportunities, or detecting anomalies, the insights derived from X's are the catalyst for your success.

Here's where the real magic happens! With the insights in hand, Asante's automation engine takes charge. When certain conditions are met, triggered by your X's and the corresponding insights, automated actions are set into motion. These seamless actions streamline your workflows, saving time, reducing manual efforts, and ensuring efficiency at every step. 





Asante doesn't stop there. With continuous monitoring and data feedback loops, our AI-driven solution optimizes and refines your workflows over time.

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Transform your data to a workforce with our Autonomous Mobile Robots 

Your data can power your new workforce. Designed to optimize, accelerate, and elevate warehouse operations, our AMRs are the dynamic workforce you've been waiting for. Embrace a new standard of efficiency as these intelligent robots seamlessly navigate your warehouse, revolutionizing how you store, pick, and deliver goods. These agile robots efficiently handle material movement, inventory management, and order fulfillment, ensuring a smooth and streamlined workflow that maximizes productivity.

Our AMRs dynamically assess and respond to their surroundings while completing a variety of tasks-all without the direct supervision of an operator. Simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) solutions and advanced mapping technology enable our AMRs to understand and adjust to changes in their environment. This flexibility makes them a valuable tool that can be used across applications and industries. 

When productivity is key, many businesses turn to our low-powered AMRs that require less energy to function. Less power to operate means AMRs can recharge and return to work quicker, reducing downtime and keeping production and fulfillment going.

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Heightened data security with Salama AI

Your Sentry for Unwavering Data Security and Compliance!

Step into a realm of unyielding data protection with Salama AI, our cutting-edge data security tool. Crafted to safeguard your organization's most valuable assets, Salama AI stands as the epitome of data security excellence.


Empowered by state-of-the-art machine learning, our revolutionary tool is the first of its kind, boasting an astounding 97.7% accuracy in identifying sensitive information, preventing and remediating security threats and vulnerabilities. Say goodbye to cumbersome manual security processes. Salama AI's unparalleled automation takes center stage, meticulously handling the entire data security aspect. Seamlessly automate data discovery, classification and mapping, access controls, and risk assessments, freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

The Fortified Guardian of Your Data:

With Salama AI by your side, you no longer need to worry about data breaches and compliance challenges. Welcome a new era of fortified data protection, where innovation meets precision, and your organization thrives in the face of cyber threats.

Integrating with your Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (Azure), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), our DevSecOps workflows discover attack paths and remediate risks at the click of a button. 

Meaningful Security Outcomes Without The Effort

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Automatically discover, classify, and label sensitive data.

Get a real-time, prioritized view

of data security and compliance posture.

Continuously remediate data exposure and misconfigurations.

 Investigated abnormal activity

 by  world-class IR team.

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Stay Ahead of Your  Competition 

Churn prediction 

Demand forecasting

Forecasting & Planning

Predictive maintenance

Carbon Emissions

Customer analysis

Inventory management

Manual Work Automation

Fraud Detection

Simplified Decision Making

Route optimization

Cost Reduction

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